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Trusting the Announcer

To illustrate that God’s people are a trusting people, pastor John Onwuchekwa tells about watching the 2021 NCAA Men’s basketball championship game, between Baylor and Gonzaga:

I was watching the game intently, texting my friends as I watched. There came a time when [Baylor] took out one of its star players. And Gonzaga started to make this run. And I was infuriated. I was in the group chat saying, “I can’t believe that they did that. Things are gonna turn out bad.” And my friend said, “What are you talking about? He’s back in.” And I realized there was a lag in my internet connection.

As the game went on, the lag started to get worse. The announcer’s voice would say, “And he made the shot.” (But on my screen) the guy would be dribbling. And then he would shoot it and the shot went in. And I realized, oh, there’s a lag in my connection. I was so anxious about really wanting us to win that when I discovered there was a lag in my connection, I didn’t log on to fix it, I just let it stay there.

Do you know why? Because I trusted the announcer’s voice. I didn’t think that he was going to lie. I know that his word proceeded, what would happen. So, I let him speak. And I waited. I didn’t worry. I celebrated when he spoke, not when I saw what took place.

Possible Preaching Angle:

I want you to know that because of the broken world that we live in there is a lag in your connection. We’re going to have to wait. But we mustn’t worry. You can trust God’s Word. He lets us know what is going to happen before it happens. He’s never let us down. And he never will.


John Onwuchekwa; “God’s People Are A Waiting People,” The Gospel Coalition (10-22-21)

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