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Reduced Health Risks for Regular Church Attenders

Something about the communal religious experience seems to matter. Something powerful takes place there that enhances health and well-being; and it is very different than what comes from solitary spirituality.

Recent research has shown a reduced health risk for regular church attenders versus never-attenders:

29% reduced risk of depression

33% reduced risk of death

33% reduced risk of adolescent illegal drug use

50% reduced risk of divorce

84% reduced risk of suicide

This research should challenge the growing number of Americans who self-identify as “spiritual but not religious,” to consider whether their own spiritual journeys might be better undertaken in a community of like-minded seekers and under the discipline of a tried and tested tradition of belief and practice.

Research suggests that those who neglect to meet together (Heb. 10:25) likely miss something of the religious experience that is powerful, both for health and for much else as well. The data is clear: Going to church remains central to true human flourishing.

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