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HS Football Players Shovel Neighbors’ Snow

The elderly, disabled, and working single parents are just some of the people on the receiving end of generosity in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The mantra remained the same for Bethel Park High School football coach Brian DeLallo as his players traded dumbells for shovels: Use your legs and keep your back tight.

DeLallo said, “We would have been in the weight room doing squats, and bench press and power cleans.” But with one simple tweet, DeLallo changed the plan, finding the snowfall as an opportunity to allow his players to give back.

More than six inches of snow blanketed western Pennsylvania overnight. Before the snow started to fall, DeLallo relayed a message to his players through Twitter:

Due to expected severe weather, Monday’s weightlifting workout has been cancelled. Find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway. Don’t accept any money - that’s our Monday workout.

From sidewalks to long driveways all along the streets of Bethel Park, the team took the weightlifting practice to Mother Nature. The connection between the community and team makes Coach DeLallo proud. “You get a lot more out of this than ‘did you bench press 300 pounds today?’ This is really cool. It’s a chance to connect with the community and you don’t get many of those, so this is nice.”

The players tackled dozens of their neighbors’ driveways and at least 25 players texted Coach DeLallo to tell them they did it and felt great. One player said that he’s looking forward to some hot chocolate and watching a movie with his teammates as they defrost.

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