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Local Deputy Looks like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is pretty popular these days, often fielding questions and posing for selfies with the coworkers and residents he interacts with on the job. His popularity is less about his winning personality, however, than it is a distinct resemblance to Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Still, the lieutenant tries to take it all in stride.

Fields said, “I’ve been called The Rock and Vin Diesel’s love child. I go along with it. It’s humorous. It’s flattering. It could be worse, I guess.”

Recently, the Sheriff’s office posted a picture to a social media account of Fields posing with a fan at a Walmart. One of Fields’ coworkers had been bragging to the young man he worked with someone who looked like a famous celebrity. After the coworker found out the young man was a huge fan of The Rock, an appearance was arranged. And according to this young fan, Fields was the real deal. Fields said,

The blessing was really for me because The Rock had a spirit that was just such a great person to meet. He’s the real celebrity. Everybody knew him and loved him. It was a blessing to me. I go trying to bless someone else, and I come out with the blessing of meeting him. I wish the actual Rock could meet this kid. He’s the hometown hero.

Corny or not, Fields views these kinds of interactions as essential parts of the job. “We really love to get involved with the community, cut up and be neighbors -- not just enforcement. I’m just glad I could be part of someone’s happiness and laughter.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Don't be satisfied with simply appearing to live as a Christian, but rather, engage in the spiritual disciplines that will make you more like Jesus, from the inside outward.

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