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Italian Police Use Lamborghini to Transport Donor Kidney

In what may be one of the most Italian things that has ever happened, the Italian State Police rushed a donor kidney from Padua to Rome for a transplant in a Lamborghini Huracan. The journey is around 300 miles, but with the help of a specially-outfitted supercar, the police made it happen in just about two hours at an average speed of 143 mph—and that’s a journey that normally takes around six.

Yes, the Italian Police own a Lamborghini and use it as a regular ol’ patrol vehicle most of the time. It’s outfitted with lights, a police computer, and other equipment for traffic stops and arrests. That said, though, the machine isn’t exactly ideal for the day-to-day (where, exactly, do you intend to put someone that you’ve arrested?). It’s still cool for these more extreme circumstances, though.

But for this specific instance, the “frunk” (front trunk) came in handy. The police force turned it into a refrigerated compartment for organ transport for the delivery of other temperature-sensitive medical supplies. With a 202-mph top speed and a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, it’s one efficient vehicle for these high-speed runs.

The Italian police actually own a few different Lambos. It’s a pretty solid use of a supercar, although folks on Twitter have wondered why Italian officials didn’t use a helicopter to transport the kidney. A Google Maps view of the starting hospital, doesn’t seem to show a helipad or an easily accessible flat area nearby, so a Lamborghini likely made the most sense here.

I hope the receiver of the kidney knows how it was transported. I know that, personally, I’d work to make sure that kidney is well-appreciated for as long as it lasts.

Possible Preaching Angles:

1) Good Samaritan; Social Action – We should always be ready to speed help to others in time of need; 2) Action; Help from God; Prayer, answered – When God decides to take action, he moves faster than we can imagine, help is immediate (Isa. 65:24).


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