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Matthew McConaughey on His Faith in God

If you were casting a modern-day David from the Old Testament, he may be portrayed by Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. Matthew is truly a man after God's own heart. Matthew has been rocking the waves of social media and TV since his Academy Award speech in 2014 when he thanked God as he received his Oscar.

Most recently, he was standing on the stage at church. That's right, Matthew McConaughey reads Scripture from the Bible at church and it wasn't about performing. It was about the body of Christ and all the different moving parts of the precious body.

The church audience sat in the silence of hushed whispers as Matthew read God's Word as if it were a profound story. The actor didn't bring any attention to himself. Rather, he highlighted the message of how each of us is needed.

He's never tried to hide his faith in Christ even though he is one of the bigger names in Hollywood, a place often chastising Christian values. But the actor takes it all in stride, knowing that God is the author and perfecter of his faith.

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