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The Power of Being a Faithful Witness

Kathy Troccoli has been a successful Christian singer, songwriter, author, and speaker for over three decades. She also found success in secular music through hits on the Billboard charts, and a collaboration with the legendary group, The Beach Boys.

Kathy initially grew up in a family that wasn't too religious and once said, "The Bible in my family was a book on the end table that was never touched." However, in 1978, while working during the summer at a local pool, Kathy's spirituality was challenged when she noticed a co-worker faithfully reading her Bible during her lunch breaks.

As Kathy began to talk to her colleague about her love for the Bible, the friend began to answer her questions in a way she had never heard before. Kathy said, "I never heard about Jesus in the way she described Him to me.” The co-worker subsequently gave Kathy a copy of the New Testament to read, and invited her to church, where she committed her life to Christ.

Today, Kathy has found success as a Christian artist and received many awards which includes Dove Awards, besides Grammy nominations. But her journey in the Christian faith began because a co-worker served faithfully as a witness for Jesus.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Like Kathy's co-worker friend, let's be a faithful witness for the Lord, wherever he may place us. Who knows what impact our life may have?

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