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My Stutter is a Symphony Composed by God

In the film My Beautiful Stutter, viewers are introduced to Kate Detrick. Kate is a young lady who has learned to live, honestly if not defiantly, with a stutter. She refuses to refer to her way of speaking as an impediment. Instead, she has learned to accept who she is.

In the film, Kate is giving a tour of her room. She has notes written to herself posted around her room reminding her of her uniqueness and value. But she spends most of her tour on a poem written by Erin Schick:

The barn owl communicates with mates and offspring using a complex system of hissing, screeching, squawking, and facial muscle manipulation

Survival is dependent on creating a voice so unique it can be recognized by loved ones in an instant

I argue the cause of my stutter is not neurologic

It’s got to be something deeper

Something desperate to be remembered

This is not a speech impediment

My voice is an instrument,

My stutter its greatest symphony

My speech, composed by God

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