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After Dream Vacation Man Finds Worms in Feet

According to Tik Tok user Allison Wit, her recent dream honeymoon had a surprise ending. Unfortunately, it was not a good surprise. In a series of videos that racked up tens of thousands of views, Allison explained that she and her husband took a vacation to Barbados and had a great time. Only after they returned did they realize something was wrong when her husband’s feet started showing signs of a strange itchy rash.

After being referred to a doctor specializing in infectious diseases, they found out the awkward truth. Apparently, the combination of new flip-flops that gave his feet blisters and a beach with a number of cats created an opening for a type of hookworm that’s normally found in cat feces. The man went on vacation and came home with worms in his feet.

Nevertheless, Allison and her husband’s saga came with a happy ending--their insurance covered the $5,000 treatment. On reflection, she still loved her time in Barbados and wouldn’t mind going back. Many of her fellow Tik-Tok users, however, were less than enthused about the prospect of a tropical vacation. For example, Chloe Amerson wrote: "New fear unlocked."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Sin can burrow its way in to our habits and motivations, even in situations that seem innocent and harmless. Only with consistent watchfulness and cleansing can we free ourselves from these unwanted spiritual parasites.

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