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Teens Did Surprisingly Well During Quarantine

Most know that the coronavirus pandemic had a significant negative effect on mental health. United States adults were three times more likely to experience mental distress, anxiety, and depression than adults in 2018 or 2019.

But teenagers tell a different story. Researchers surveyed teenagers in the summer of 2020 about their mental health and compared the results to a similar survey in 2018. They found that the percentage of teens who were depressed or lonely actually fell in 2020. The percentage of teens who were unhappy or dissatisfied was only slightly higher in 2020 than 2018.

What explains it? Researchers attribute positive mental health outcomes in teenagers to two things: more sleep and more time with family. Positive family relationships are linked with better mental health outcomes, and most teenagers reported spending significantly more time with their parents and siblings. In fact, 68% of teenagers reported that their families grew closer during the pandemic, and less than 1 in 20 of those reported feeling depressed.

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