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DJ Streamer Attracts Bear with Music

When Jody Flemming started livestreaming his DJ set, he expected to gather an audience. But he didn’t expect anyone to congregate at his front door, and even if he had--he certainly didn’t expect to see any wildlife. But that’s just what happened.

When Flemming was in the middle of streaming his DJ set from the living room of his home in the mountains of North Carolina, his cameras caught the sight of a black bear at his screen door. Unaware of the bear, Flemming continues his performance, tweaking and dialing knobs to the beat of the music. Eventually Flemming sees a shadow and thinks a friend is at the door, only to turn around to the sign of the black bear. Ultimately, the bear is shooed away, and the DJ set continued with no further interruptions.

A self-described DJ, realtor, and dad, Flemming was circumspect about the whole thing. When a follower on social media suggested the bear “came to party,” He responded in kind. “He came to the right place.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Music is an especially powerful force; it can alter the mood or countenance of even the most dangerous beasts. Using our creative gifts is both an awesome privilege and a sacred duty.

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