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Dad Goes Viral After Impromptu National Anthem at Basketball Game

When the crowd inside the gymnasium stood to its feet to begin the game between the West Portsmouth High Senators and the visiting Tigers of Waverly High, everything seemed to be ready. Except, there was one missing ingredient. The announcer had just directed everyone to stand for the national anthem, but after a few awkward seconds turned into a minute, then two minutes, it became clear that something was wrong with the sound system.

That’s when Waverly parent Trenton Brown decided he’d waited long enough. Brown told CNN, "I looked over at the announcer and the music didn't play and didn't play and I looked over and he was getting a little frustrated. My wife gave me a little nudge and said ‘Sing’ and I said, ‘All right.'" Brown began to sing, and after a bit, others in the crowd also joined in.

Johnny Futhey was in the crowd, and managed to catch the moment on video with his phone. Futhey, whose son is teammates with Brown’s, felt the moment was special, so he posted it to social media. Futhey said, "He brought about everyone in the gym to tears when he saved the day by standing up in the crowd and singing the anthem.”

Despite the video getting over a million views, Brown has taken the whole experience in stride. "There was a lot of awkward silence ... and then I started singing and that was it."

Possible Preaching Angle:

As a Christian you never know when you might be called upon to provide a needed service in a critical moment; it’s important to remain flexible and ready to move when the Spirit provides opportunity.

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