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Health Workers, Stuck in the Snow, Offer Coronavirus Vaccine to Stranded Drivers

Generally, getting stuck in a snowstorm isn’t a great experience, but for a group of stranded motorists in Oregon it ended up being a stroke of good luck. That’s because in their long queue of cars stranded during a snowstorm was a group of healthcare workers returning from a vaccine clinic at a nearby high school.

The workers from the Josephine County Public Health Department had six doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine remaining. But with a jackknifed tractor-trailer ahead of them, the crew realized they could be stuck for hours and the doses would expire.

Public health director Michael Weber said, “We knew the vaccine would not make it back to Grants Pass. In all likelihood, it was going to expire.” So, the workers made the decision to walk from car to car asking stranded drivers if they wanted to be vaccinated, right there on the spot. One of the healthcare workers said, “We were a little nervous because not a lot of people in this part of the state are eager to get the vaccine at this point in time.”

In total, it took them 45 minutes to find six individuals willing to get the dose. Weber said most politely declined, but some of those who accepted were overjoyed. "We had one individual who was so happy, he took his shirt off and jumped out of the car. I can’t imagine a better way to spend four hours stuck in a snowstorm.” He said it was one of the coolest operations he’d been a part of. The ambulance that accompanied the workers to the high school was also on hand for anyone who may have had an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Believers have a cure for the virus of sin and death. In these troubled times we should take every opportunity to hold out “the Word of Life.” As in the case of the Covid vaccine, many will decline, but some will receive it joyfully.

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