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California's Oldest State Worker Celebrates 100th Birthday

With 77 years of working for the state of California under her belt, May Lee has dedicated most of her life to public service. Lee recently turned 100 years old, and is California's longest-tenured employee and oldest worker. A financial analyst with the Department of General Services, she began working for the California government in 1943. She has served under 10 different governors, and is "a state treasure."

Lee, who has no plans to retire, has traveled to more than 150 different countries, and has photos of her adventures on display in her office. Looking back at the last century, Lee believes she "did the best I could in this world, both in work and life and with the family. So, I'm satisfied with my life. I'm happy."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Every Christian should make it their goal to serve the Lord as long as health and strength remain. Even 77 years of service is short in view of an eternity of rewards for faithful service.

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