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Music Superstar on the Value of Criticism

In a recent issue of GQ, The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye), recently sat down to discuss his music and of course his recent snub by the Grammys. The superstar, with downloads numbering in the billions, was not nominated in a single category for 2021.

A lot of artists claim they do not read reviews of their work. They want to avoid negative critique of their art and performance. But when asked how he handles reviews, The Weeknd had this to say:

I read every single review. I read every comment. Everything. And I like reviews, man. I like critics. Even the biased ones that are against me, I like reading it. I think it's interesting.

Why would he feel this way?

I think it's humbling, which is always great. I can now understand, when you're reading stuff . . . I can see through the lines now. Between the lines . . . Heartbreak isn't a good experience, but it still inspires great music.

Possible Preaching Angle:

1) Examination; Scripture; Word of God - Scripture is a review of our life. It gives an honest and thorough assessment of our thoughts and actions. Its review of our performance will result in humbling and heartbreak. It doesn't feel good, but it still inspires great worship. 2) Criticism; Growth – Listening to and accepting helpful criticism brings about maturity and personal growth.

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