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High School Runner Pushes Brother’s Wheelchair in Every Race

While most high school athletes have their family cheering for them on the sidelines, Susan Bergeman’s brother, Jeffrey, is there every step of the way during her 3.1-mile cross country races. For every practice and meet, Susan, 14, runs while pushing Jeffrey, 15, in his wheelchair.

When he was 22 months old, Jeffrey went into sudden cardiac arrest, which led to severe brain damage and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. It was important to Susan that she find a way to get her brother involved in an activity at their high school, and cross country made sense. She said, "He loves running. I think it helps me get even closer to my brother." When it gets hard running with Jeffrey uphill or over uneven terrain, Susan said she will "push away the pain and focus on him enjoying it.” She added that "hearing everyone screaming and cheering gives me a big adrenaline rush."

You can watch the touching video here.

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