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Holding Hands with Sorrow and Suffering

The book Hinds Feet on High Places is a parable, a modern allegory similar to Pilgrim’s Progress. But instead of dealing with the overall Christian journey, it focuses on a life of fear, anxiety, and self-loathing.

The main character is named Much-Afraid. Much-Afraid is constantly harassed by her family, the Fearings. They oppress and criticize her all the time. But Much-Afraid loves the Shepherd, who wishes to take her to the High Places, a good land in the far mountains. For her journey, the Shepherd gives her two companions; two sisters named Sorrow and Suffering.

There comes a moment in Much Afraid’s journey when she is tempted to give into Pride, to listen to his temptation, and abandon her journey. But she calls to the Chief Shepherd, who comes and rescues her. He gently rebukes her that she should not have let go of the hands of Sorrow and Suffering on her journey.

Possible Preaching Angles:

Those struggling with fear and anxiety can be encouraged that God is using their sorrow and suffering as part of their journey with Christ.

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