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Spirit Apnea and Spiritual CPAP

The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 22 million of us suffer from some form of sleep apnea. This is a potentially serious disorder in which we repeatedly stop breathing in our sleep. The long-term effects of sleep apnea include high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, and is a risk factor for dementia.

CPAP machines are the most widely used device for treating moderate and severe sleep apnea. Through a mask and tube the CPAP machine pumps a continuous stream of oxygenated air allowing you to breathe continuously while you sleep. When you first start using a CPAP machine, the pressure of the rushing air can feel suffocating, but you eventually get used to it.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Two of the most common words translated as "spirit" in the Bible can also be translated "air." In Ephesians 5:18 the present passive imperative verb translated "be filled" tells us that we are commanded to be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, Christians suffer from Spirit apnea, a serious disorder in which we repeatedly stop breathing in the life-giving Spirit of God. It's a congenital defect borne out of our spiritual depravity. Spirit apnea, like sleep apnea, can have a grave effect on our hearts, minds, and actions.

Spiritual disciplines are like CPAP machines. They supply us with a continuous flow of God's life-sustaining Spirit. Some of these disciplines include prayer, fasting, Bible reading/meditation, worship, giving, and evangelism. At first these disciplines can seem overwhelming. Over time though, you get used to them and begin to notice the effects.

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