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Robot Handwrites Letters for You

Don’t you love receiving a handwritten letter in the mail? It’s so much more personal than an email. You see the other person’s handwriting, knowing that they took the time to write out each word, and then fold the letter, place it in an envelope, affix a stamp, and send it to your mailbox.

Well now, if you’d like to bless someone with a handwritten letter, but don’t have the time or energy to do it, there are online services that will do it for you! All you need to do is log-on to a service like “Handywrytten,” type in what you’d like to say, choose your preferred script, and their handwriting robots will write out the words for you and send the letter to your loved one. For an extra fee, some services will even mimic your own handwriting style. Others can include a smudge or ink blot to give your letter a more authentic touch. It’s as easy as sending a text message!

As one customer says, “To me, it’s the same, whether a robot writes it or I do. What matters is that I was thinking of them.” Others think this service is a way to fake authenticity. Yale Professor Ellen Spitz says, “It seems like a complete betrayal. Handwritten notes are special precisely because they are intimate, because a part of your body is touching the paper, creating a personal connection.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Communication doesn’t get more personal and intimate than the Incarnation. When God decided to reveal the fullness of his love for humanity, he didn’t ask someone else to do it for him. Instead, he sent his Son, in flesh and blood.

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