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Future Predictions for the Year 2000

In the year 1900, a German chocolate company released 12 postcards predicting what life would be like 100 years in the future. So how close were they to predicting our life today? Well, you decide based on these descriptions of the postcards from 1900:

  • Personal airships (a picture of couples flying around in their personal hot air balloons).
  • Watching a live drama performance while not in the theater. (You mean, kind of like television?)
  • An X-ray machine for police officers. (To detect crimes in progress within buildings).
  • A roofed city. (Like a football stadium under a dome).
  • Underwater ships for tourists. (Like taking a Carnival or Norwegian cruise vacation in a submarine.)
  • Easy excursions to the North Pole. (Hey, honey, let’s spend the weekend at the North Pole.)
  • A machine for creating good weather.
Possible Preaching Angles:

The future is uncertain. Humans will always get some predictions right and some very wrong. But Jesus said he knows the future and he holds the future already.


Jessica Stewart, “Future Prediction Illustrations of the Year 2000 Created by People From 1900,” My Modern Met (11-6-17) (with comments from Matt Woodley, Editor, Preaching Today)

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