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Sting Buys a Life-Scarred Bass Guitar

The rock star, Sting, in his autobiography Broken Music, tells how he bought his first bass guitar. In a local music shop, in the middle of all the shiny new guitars, he saw an old Fender bass.

I have had my eye on a second-hand Fender in the back of Barratt’s music store. ... It is a careworn relic of the sixties, the paintwork ruined and the varnish flaked and piebald. Among all the shiny others on the wall there is something orphaned, something life-scarred about this instrument that appeals to me. I have absolutely no desire for a new bass. I want something with a history, where every scratch and dent in the varnish has a tale to tell. What were their dreams and aspirations (of those who owned it)? Why was it sold, and what were the circumstances? … I am convinced that I can pick up the trail where it was left. ... I will dream up a new and glorious future that the past has only hinted at.

He bought that bass guitar.

Possible Preaching Angle:

God wants to take you with your failures and imperfection to play the music of His Kingdom to the world. Like that old bass, you may have given up on the vision you once had. Like Sting, Jesus wants to take you in his hands and pick up that music where you left off.


Sting, Broken Music: A Memoir, (Dial Press, 2005), pp. 121

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