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Musician David Crosby: ‘We Don't Have Anywhere Near Enough Time’

On a 2020 podcast, musician David Crosby opened up about his mortality:

We don’t have anywhere near enough time. I didn’t start figuring out who I was until I was in my 50s. Yeah. And here I am, just now finally having adjusted my life to where I’m happy most of the time — and I’m gonna die. ... You know, it’s very tough. I got a dozen things that I still want to learn. There’s like three languages, two sections of history, at least five sciences, and I’ve got a wish list of places I want to see, experiences that I want to have … And no time. And it’s worse than that — I wasted years of time that I could have now to use, if I hadn’t wasted them.

So here I am looking at death. You have a feeling about your own mortality. Everybody does. My feeling is that it’s probably imminent. I am not likely to live too much longer. And so, what does that do? Well, it makes you want to get a whole lot … done. I’m singing every day.

I am not as distressed by the death part as I am by the lack of time. The death part — I don’t do it in a regular enough fashion to claim to be a Buddhist, but I think the Buddhists got it right. I always have thought that. So, I think I’m gonna recycle. I think that my life energy is gonna come around again.


Podcast Host Steve Silberman, “Time is the Final Currency” Osirispod.com (1-27-20)

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