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Man Took Coronavirus Aid and Bought a Lamborghini

Under the coronavirus stimulus program, David T. Hines submitted an application for the federal Paycheck Protection Program, claiming to operate four businesses with 70 employees and four million dollars of monthly expenses. According to the US Court for the Southern District of Florida, that was the beginning of a series of criminally fraudulent acts. Once Hines received his first three payments that totaled approximately three million dollars, he continued applying for more. In total, he received over 13 million dollars in relief funds.

Instead of paying any of those supposed employees, prosecutors say Hines spent the funds in a variety of frivolous ways: luxury jewelry, expensive clothing, visits to Miami resorts, expenses on dating websites, even a blue Lamborghini for $318,497.

US postal inspector Bryan Masmela said, “There does not appear to be any business purpose for most, if not all, of these expenses.” In fact, further investigation revealed that none of his purported business had evidence of online presence; however, two of them were cited on the Better Business Bureau. [Two] businesses are F-rated businesses on the site for “bait-and-switch practices and other deceitful activities.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Deception may bring temporary profit, but it always ends in ruin.

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