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The Key to Success as a Runner

Jess Movold is an elite running coach in New York City. In a recent article for Runner’s World she discussed the top five principles for successful running. Factors like finishing a marathon, self-discipline, and a workout plan, are essential for guiding runners through a season. But number one on her list to maintaining a long-term relationship with running is finding what really drives you, whether it's a new sense of confidence or getting off medication.

Movold says,

Identifying this unlocks everything that's possible for a runner. That understanding of why you put on your running shoes can be used to hold yourself accountable when you're distracted or discouraged by short-term goals. Whether or not you nail a speed session, those inner passions will persist to drive you.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Scripture describes the Christian life as a race. So, we regularly set goals and we develop structured plans to accomplish these goals. But too often our goals go unrealized and we wonder why. Maybe Movold’s advice applies to spiritual marathons as well. Identifying your motivation unlocks everything that is possible for a Christian. Why do you run?


Hayley Glatter, “Coach Jess Shares Her Best Advice for Running Strong, Getting Faster, and Staying Healthy,” Runner’s World (7-21-20)

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