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Man Arrested in Almond Milk Altercation

A Florida man was jailed for assaulting another man, but unlike most scenarios, the conflict was not over a woman, a debt owed, or even sports fandom. According to a Facebook post by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Justin Anthony Garcia was charged with aggravated battery in connection with an altercation with his cousin, who sustained injuries from a pocketknife. Authorities and witnesses confirmed that the argument was over whether almond milk was superior to whole milk.

“Their verbal argument became physical when Garcia became enraged at the victim for disagreeing with him … [He] proceeded to punch the victim with a closed fist to the victim’s left side of his forehead.” When the cousin tried to fight back, Garcia produced the knife. “The victim became scared of what Garcia might do with the knife and proceeded to run away from Garcia as he chased the victim through the front yard,” according to official court documents.

A confidential source at the scene was unable to confirm which variety of milk Garcia preferred, nor whether any actual milk was spilled in the fracas. After seeing some of the injuries that resulted, however, they are confident in the likelihood that crying took place.

Possible Preaching Angles:

If we are to take a stand in public, let it be for justice and righteousness; when we quarrel and fight over trivial things, we reduce our ability to impact the things that really matter.

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