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The Tragic Life, Depression, and Suicide of Popular Singer

Malinda "Mindy" McCready (1975-2013) was a popular American country music singer. In an article entitled “The Tragic Life, Depression and Suicide of Mindy McCready," the details of her tragic suicide and her fight with depression were recorded:

More recently, in 2013, she entered a court-ordered rehabilitation center, (but) checked herself out one day later. Shortly thereafter, she shot herself in the mouth, on the porch of her home where her boyfriend, Wilson, had committed suicide.

After her death, CNN lamented that the lyrics to the hope-filled title track to her most recent album, I’m Still Here, seemed so triumphant at the time. "On a cold dark cloud, with nowhere to fall but down, like a single, naked, unrelenting tear ... I'm still here." Now, those words sound like a cry for help.


Ray Comfort, The Final Curtain (New Leaf Press, 2018), p. 145

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