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Super Bowl MVP Accepted His Backup Position

Former QB for the Philadelphia Eagles and Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles got to play late in the 2017 regular season and go on to win it all thanks to an injury to starter Carson Wentz. After the surprising Super Bowl win, starter Wentz was ready to play during week 3 of the 2018 season and Foles was once again relegated to backup.

There was a lot of debate regarding Foles as the backup. Should the Super Bowl MVP really be relegated to backup? Long time, knowledgeable football fans, ex and current players and coaches all were adamant that their choice--Wentz or Foles--was the right and smarter one.

Many people were surprised that Foles took his relegation back to backup so well. In his 2018 book Believe It, Foles writes:

What they saw as a riches-to-rags sports story, I see as part of God’s divine plan. I’ve said all along that my desire is to play for God’s glory, not mine, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. My unique path from backup to Super Bowl MVP to backup again is a powerful message to share with people, and God has given me an ideal platform to do that from. To cheerfully return to a backup role after reaching the pinnacle of the sport contradicts everything the world tells us about success, fame, money and self-worth. To me, it’s a tangible reminder that we are called to humility and to a life of service….

Some people might think I deserve a better deal, but it’s not about what I deserve. It’s never been about that. The truth is, I’ve already been given far more than I deserve--a wonderful family; a job I love; grace and forgiveness; great friends, coaches and teammates. Everything I have is a gift from God, and I’m thankful for all of it. I am where I am now because of God’s grace, and I’ll continue to follow wherever he leads.

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