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EMTs Rescue Man in Distress, Finish His Yardwork

When emergency responders found Harold Storelee in front of his house with a broken hip, they did their best to take care of him. As it turned out, that care included attending to the task that injured Storelee--tending his lawn. According to Storelee’s grandson, the lawn was his “pride and joy of the house.”

So, when the trio of EMTs finished responding to the other emergencies of the day, they contacted their supervisor and asked for an additional hour or so to finish the job Storelee had been unable to finish. One of the EMTs said:

There was no hesitation from anybody. We talked to our lieutenant and captain, and they were 100 percent behind it. We knew he’d be down for a while, (so) we figured the least we could do was go back and help out. We’ve done similar things before. We look at it like a family community. I’ve seen people with broken porches and replaced a couple of boards. If we see someone in need, we can go help and buy them groceries, and the department will refund us our money.

Possible Preaching Angle :

We show the everlasting love of Jesus when we exceed others' expectations in the way we choose to serve them.


Allison Klein, “This man broke a hip while mowing his lawn. The EMTs who responded finished his yardwork” The Washington Post (2-26-20)

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