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With Crushed Hands, Woman Dials 911 with Toes

A woman suffered catastrophic injuries to her hands while changing a tire on the side of the local interstate highway. Yet she didn’t let that stop her from calling for help.

According to first responders, the problem started when her jack lift slipped, and both of her hands were crushed in between the tire and the car’s fender. But somehow, she had enough presence of mind and dexterity to slip off her shoe and somehow dial 911 with one of her toes. It took about 35 minutes, but eventually she successfully reached Colleton County Fire-Rescue, who eventually dispatched responders to her location.

CCFR officials said, “Using the prybar, they were able to free one hand. Engine 26 arrived a short time later and the crew deployed a Holmatro Hydraulic Spreader to lift the car. This freed her other hand.” After being trapped for around 45 minutes, CCFR representatives said the woman was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for the severe damage to her upper extremities.

Possible Preaching Angle :

God gives us the ability to persevere, even under fierce hardship.


Ray Rivera, “Woman Calls 911 With Her Toes” Live5News (2-3-20)

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