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Film 1917: Some Men Just Like to Fight

In the Sam Mendes film 1917 Lance Corporal Schofield has been tasked with crossing through enemy-infested territory to deliver crucial news of a secret ambush to the British front lines. Schofield is given a warning about the commanding officer to whom he is delivering the letter. He is told, “Make sure there are witnesses. Some men just like the fight.”

The instruction is sobering. Even though Schofield is bringing direct orders to stand down, which will save thousands of lives, he is cautioned that the orders might be ignored. Why? Because regardless of the superior command to stand down, regardless of the cost, regardless of the impossible odds and the foolhardy death that would ensue, there is a zeal for battle in some that overrides all sense. When you feel built for war, when you long for the rush of conflict, not warring feels like cowardice, uselessness, pointlessness.

Some men just like the fight. But these are not real men. Real men are willing to fight when it is necessary. Faux men are itching to fight no matter what … Fighting is sometimes necessary. Liking to fight is not. In fact, it is forbidden.


Jared C. Wilson, “Some Men Just Like the Fight,” The Gospel Coalition (1-23-20)

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