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Video Arcade Collection Dispersed in Homes

At QuarterWorld, customers were used to coming to experience rare pinball machines and other arcade games. But during Covid-19, once it looked like there was going to be a stay-at-home order across the city, owner Phil Ragaway pivoted--and started bringing the games to the people.

It started with a few posts on the website by director of operations Logan Bowden. After a few days of little interest, a story by the local paper drummed up a lot of interest--and quickly. Bowden said, “Whatever pinball [machine] we put up there was rented. And as soon as the pinball went, they started going after the arcade games.” For $150 per month QuarterWorld rented and delivered pinball arcade games to clients eager to pass time inside in a healthy way. Bowden said, "What [Oregon governor] Kate Brown and [Portland mayor] Ted Wheeler are trying to accomplish, we're trying to do that, too. Instead of going to the park, work on your pinball leveling up."

Possible Preaching Angle:

It's not enough for us to collect knowledge of God and resources that could help people if we cannot meet people where they are. The apostles left their homes and traveled to people to encourage them in their faith. So, we must give hope and help others where they reside, not simply hoping that people show up to our churches.


Aaron Mesh, “QuarterWorld’s Classic Pinball Machines Are Now in Basements and Apartment Buildings All Over Town” Willamette Week (3-25-20)

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