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Man Burns Down Shed to Protest Missing Stimulus Check

A Louisiana hothead was so enraged that he hadn’t received his COVID-19 stimulus check, he set his mom’s shed on fire. 51-year-old Marvin Smith Jr. was squabbling with his mother over the federal payout when he intentionally ignited the shed. Witnesses told deputies Smith was inside the shed moments before smoke and flames began billowing from it, officials said. He then fled.

The Sheriff’s Office later busted Smith, who was armed with a knife. He was booked into jail on an arson charge, and was charged with other crimes by the sheriff’s office, officials said.

Possible Preaching Angle:

We offer the enemy of our souls a foothold when we hastily respond in anger. We should protest injustice, but it should be done with prudent consideration, rather than reckless self-regard.


Amanda Woods, “Louisiana man angry over stimulus check set mom’s shed on fire,” New York Post (4-22-20)

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