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High School Robotics Teams Create Protective Equipment

One of the massive downsides of schools closing from the pandemic was all the canceled student activities. So, when Tim Bennington-Davis saw an opportunity to mobilize his students in a way that could make a tangible difference, he jumped at the opportunity.

Bennington-Davis is a mentor to the Wilsonville High School robotics team. He also has a good relationship with the robotics team from neighboring West Linn High School. When they became aware of a need for additional PPE (personal protective equipment), Bennington-Davis activated a phalanx of eager students to use their skills. Instead of building robots, they began building--and distributing--face shields for essential workers.

The students used 3D printers to make a variety of different parts, which Bennington-Davis and other adult coordinators picked up from their various doorsteps for assembly and distribution. Though it started with just two teams, word quickly spread, and soon high school robotics teams from around the state started contributing to the effort. After that first week, the team had produced and distributed over 200 face shields to doctors, nurses, police officers, pharmacies, grocery stores, and even medical transport workers. Amanda Hieo, a West Linn junior, said “It feels great to be doing something when a lot of people are stuck at home and not able to do much but wait it out.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we offer young people an opportunity to use their skills to serve, we are giving them a taste of real authentic servant leadership.


Ken Goe, “When Coronavirus Created A Gap in The PPE Supply Chain, Northwest High School Robotics Teams Came to The Rescue” The Oregonian (4-21-20)

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