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Why So Many People Dislike NFL Quarterback Tom Brady

With an unprecedented six Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady is a polarizing athlete. According to a 2017 poll, he is the NFL player most passionately either hated or loved. ESPN sports commentator Will Cain, on the ESPN show First Take, gives his opinion on why so many dislike him.

People dislike Tom Brady because most of us down deep are very weak. Most of us are unsatisfied with our own failings in life, our own overinflated sense of what our expectations were for ourselves. Tom Brady reminds us of that. Tom Brady is a constant reminder of your own failings. He’s got the perfect wife. He’s got the money. He’s a positive person. He’s won, yes, but everything about him reminds you constantly--he’s better than you. He’s a better guy than you are.

Here’s the main problem. It’s not just that he’s great, it’s how he’s done it. He’s the 6th round draft pick. He’s self-made greatness. Everything you didn’t do right, Tom Brady did. His success is a constant reminder that you could have done better if you had made the same sacrifices as Tom Brady did. And we cannot forgive you for that.

People don’t really like what it takes to be successful. They don’t want to pass up the donut. They don’t want to check their ego. They don’t want to never be late to a meeting. They don’t want to hold everybody accountable. So, when they see someone do all that, they’ve got to explain it away ...

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