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Outspoken Atheist Surprises Everyone: A Fetus is an 'Unborn Child'

Christopher Hitchens, a devout man of the Left, and an outspoken atheist, must be pro-abortion, must fight for abortion just as he fights for all the other requisite social causes.

We don't know how Hitchens kept his two books, but there is no doubt he kept this lesson in his heart, just as there is no doubt he spent all his time around those who considered abortion a right, and hence were without any moral reservation about it. Christopher kept his very personal ledger on abortion closed to public view until rather late in his life. When, much to everyone's surprise … he stood up on the same moral side as the very religion, Christianity, he had made so lucrative a career in condemning.

He stated that, “I agree with this view for materialist reasons. It seems to me obvious from the discoveries of biology and embryology that the concept 'unborn child' is a real one. ... And it has to be granted to the Church that it has made this a centerpiece of its ethic and its morality.”

Source: Larry Alex Taunton, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World's Most Notorious Atheist (Thomas Nelson, 2016), Pages 36-37

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