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Want to Feel Happier? Talk to Strangers

A recent article (2019) from NPR asks, “Do you want to feel happier today?” Based on current scientific studies, here’s one way to boost your happiness: Try talking to a stranger.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Many of us tend to do just about anything to avoid conversation or even eye contact with strangers. And smartphones make it easier than ever to do that. A recent study found that phones can keep us from even exchanging brief smiles with people we meet in public places. But a body of research has shown that we might just be short-changing our own happiness by ignoring opportunities to connect with the people around us.

Several years ago, [two researchers at the] University of British Columbia tested whether short conversations with strangers could lift moods. They asked participants to enter a busy coffee shop and grab a beverage — half would get in and get out, and half would strike up a conversation with the cashier.

The people who turned the economic transaction into a quick social interaction left Starbucks in a better mood. They even felt a greater sense of belonging in their community.

Another researcher led a series of experiments revealing that train and bus commuters who interacted with other passengers experienced a more pleasant ride—even when they believed they would prefer the solitude of, say, reading a book. A third researcher noted that even brief eye contact increased people's sense of inclusion and belonging.

Possible Preaching Angles:

Followers of Jesus should lead the way in reaching out to strangers with conversation and kindness. As we engage others in a posture of kindness and prayerfulness, it may also open doors to share aspects of the gospel with others in our daily life.

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