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Princeton Artist Unveils Exhibit Honoring Campus Laborers

At Princeton University, an artist has taken it upon himself to honor a group of unsung heroes with an honor usually reserved for top-level donors, former presidents, or founding charter holders. Mario Moore painted a series of ten portraits honoring the blue-collar laborers who help keep the campus functioning in the areas of maintenance, facilities, dining, grounds, and security.

In an interview with CNN, Moore said he wanted to depict those folks “in a position of power.” University spokesman Ben Chang said, “Mario's portraits capture beautifully the character and contributions of valued members of our campus community and bolster our broader efforts to ensure Princeton's portraiture … reflects the University's values and diversity.”

According to Tracy K. Smith, the art center chair, “Mario’s work and his presence on campus have served to heal some of the lasting wounds of racial division that have long marred this institution's history.”

Possible Preaching Angle: God is honored when we recognize unsung heroes, people who serve quietly and consistently, for the benefit of the community.

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