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Live Streaming Platforms See Massive Increase

According to a new report, during the Coronavirus lockdown audiences watched 7.46 billion hours of live-streamed content just in the third quarter of 2020. For some context, there are 876,000 hours in a century. That means roughly 8,447 centuries of content was consumed across all streaming platforms in just three months.

Twitch, which is primarily used to watch videogame streams, accounted for 63% of total hours watched and 91% of hours streamed. YouTube (5.5%) and Facebook (3.4%) are the only other challengers on Twitch’s radar.

Possible Preaching Angle:

The Coronavirus lockdown has massively changed our lives. Many are working from home or attending school online. This has resulted in either boredom and an endless browsing of online content, or time for self-examination and reevaluation of how we invest our time for true satisfaction.

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