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The Cares of Life and the Kudzu Vine

The Kudzu vine was introduced into the US from Japan in 1876 as part of an ornamental plant exhibition in Philadelphia. The Kudzu vine was subsequently promoted by the Federal government during the Great Depression, as a useful way to slow soil erosion. It has since got completely out of hand.

Its roots can grow up to 20 feet long and 5 inches in diameter. Unless the root is killed the plant survives. It can grow 16 inches in a day and as much as 100 feet in a year It spreads so fast that you can actually watch it grow. The vine now covers an estimated two to seven million acres in 13 Southeastern states.

Dr. Jack Tinga, at the University of Georgia, is a leading authority on the kudzu. He has even received calls from Hollywood producers keen to make a horror movie about the vine. Tinga says, “It's no joking matter. If you come across a kudzu, simply drop it and run.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Jesus said spoke people who hear His word, but then become choked by the cares of life (Luke 8:14). Beware. These cares are more sinister than the Kudzu!

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