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WNBA Superstar Put Career on Hold to Help Free a Man from Prison

Perennial WNBA All-Star and Minnesota Lynx forward Maya Moore has been a winner throughout her career, but she recently experienced a different kind of triumph. She helped free an innocent man from prison.

Jonathan Irons was released from the Jefferson City Correctional Facility on Wednesday July 1st, after having served 20 years of a 50-year prison term for burglary and assault charges that he maintains he did not commit. According to his attorneys, there were no corroborating witnesses, fingerprints, DNA, or blood evidence connecting Irons to the crime. As a result, Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green overturned Irons’ sentence back in March, after concluding that prosecutors had suppressed exculpatory evidence that might’ve resulted in his acquittal.

Moore, a Jefferson City native, was instrumental in helping bringing attention to Irons’ case. The two met back in 2007 through some mutual friends and family, and over the years, stayed in contact with one another. Then in 2019, Moore shocked the sports world by putting her basketball career on hold to focus on Christian ministry. One of her ministry goals? To advocate for Irons.

Moore said during an interview on Good Morning America, “People don’t want to watch a fixed game, they want to watch a fair game. That’s all we’re asking for; in our justice system, let’s be fair.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

God is glorified when we use our privilege and platform to advocate on behalf of others, especially when it comes at great personal cost. These selfless acts mirror the work of Jesus, who willingly relinquished his divine privilege to live, work, and ultimately die among humanity.


JR Ventura, “Lynx Forward Maya Moor Helps Free Jonathan Irons From Jail,” International Business Times (7-2-20)

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