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What Wearing A Mask During Pandemic Says to Others

During his daily press briefing on May 12, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to influence more New Yorkers to wear a mask in public, in order to reduce the high numbers of infections and deaths due to the coronavirus. Masks are worn more to not infect others than for self-protection. He appealed to the idea of “respect” for others. The following is an excerpt:

People send me some really beautiful masks. Some are personalized. Some say “New York Tough.” Beautiful colors ... But any mask, even if it says nothing, it does say something. It … makes a statement. When you wear a mask, you say, “I respect you.” That’s what the mask says to everyone you walk past. “I respect your health. I respect your privacy. I respect your space. I respect you. ... and out of respect for you, I wear this mask.”

This mask says (he holds one up) “I respect the nurses and the doctors who killed themselves through this virus to save other people. ... This mask says, “I respect the essential workers who get up every day and drive the bus or drive the train or deliver the food or keep the lights on so that I can stay home and I can stay safe.”

Watch the YouTube video: Starts 30m 30s – 23m 43s

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