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Shaq the Good Samaritan

Recently, an unnamed woman crashed her car when her tire blew out on I-75 in the Gainesville area. Police were soon dispatched to the scene, but when they arrived, they did not find her stranded alone. In dash cam footage, the screen is filled with the image of a 7-foot tall Good Samaritan.

Shaquille O’Neal was apparently driving behind the vehicle when the accident occurred. And when he witnessed the scene, the former NBA superstar did not simply call 911. He did not outsource a rescue. He pulled over and involved himself personally.

One of the kids from the car was actually outside the vehicle hanging out with the sports legend when officers arrived. O’Neal shared a fist bump with a deputy and walked back to the car with the officers to tell the family good bye.

Officer Art Forgey had this comment for reporters; “The deputies had no idea he was going to be there but they both recognized him as soon as they got there. He happened to come upon the accident ... so he stopped to see if any aid was needed. Once law enforcement arrived, he got in his vehicle and left. He didn’t stand around for any accolades. He was just a good citizen.”


Cindy Swirko, “Shaq the Good Samaritan,” The Gainesville Sun, (7-14-20)

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