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Conversations About Faith Helps Young People Stay Connected to Jesus

Understanding the connection between faith and work is critical, not only for adults, but also for students. A recent Barna study called “Faith for Exiles” shows that 18-29-year-olds who grew up in the church and remain committed followers of Jesus are far more likely to have a rich understanding of faith and work than those who still call themselves Christian but no longer attend church.

They strongly desire to use their unique talents and gifts to honor God (94% compared to 31% of those who identify as Christian but no longer attend church), believe that the work they do is important to God (82% vs. 32%), and have a sense of calling about their career (64% vs. 15%).

The statistical evidence is clear: young people who stick with Jesus and the church are far more likely to be able to say, “I know who God has created me to be and how my purpose fits with his plans for the world.”

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