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Beauty and Grace Feed the Soul

In his book Culture Care, Makoto Fujimura tells a story of valuing art and beauty:

As a newlywed couple, my wife and I began our journey with very little. After Judy and I got married in the summer of 1983 we moved to Connecticut for Judy to pursue her master’s degree in marriage counseling. I taught at a special education school and painted at home. We had a tight budget and often had to ration our food (lots of tuna cans!) just to get through the week.

One evening I was sitting alone, waiting for Judy to come home to our small apartment, worried about how we were going to afford the rent and pay for necessities over the weekend. Our refrigerator was empty and I had no cash left.

Then Judy walked in, and she had brought home a bouquet of flowers. I got really upset. “How could you think of buying flowers if we can’t even eat!” I remember saying, frustrated. Judy’s reply has been etched in my heart for over thirty years now. “We need to feed our souls, too.”


Fujimura, Makoto, Culture Care (InterVarsity Press, 2017), p. 1

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