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95-Year-Old Veteran Gives Young Boy a Lesson in Courage

All summer long four-hear-old Dylan Stitch was afraid to dive off the diving board. Dylan's mom, Marla said, “He had no interest in it, ever. We were just saying, 'Hey, you want to give it a shot? You want to give it a try?’”

Enter 95-year-old Daniel Biss, who was in the Air Force during World War II and the Korean War. He knows a thing or two about fear and bravery. So, when he saw a neighbor kid at a family pool party, and heard everyone trying to coax him off the board, he knew exactly what Dylan needed.

Daniel said, “Just needed some convincing, I guess. I was going to try." So, Daniel borrowed a swimsuit, and with cane in hand stepped up to set the example. The great-grandfather hadn't been on a diving board in 50 years. Yet he stood up on one, ready to teach a lesson in courage, which nearly turned into a lesson in first aid.

Marla said, “Everyone kind of held their breath and got real nervous like, ‘Oh, was this a bad idea?’” Daniel said, “I was up there that far, I figured I may as well go through with it.” So, at the age of 95, he dove for Dylan.

It wasn't the prettiest dive, but he couldn't have done better--because shortly after Daniel took his last jump off a diving board, Dylan took his first. Marla said, “It was really neat that that inspired him to do it. It was a neat moment." Today Dylan jumps with no problem. Hopefully his courage will now inspire you, with whatever leap you need to make.


Steve Hartman, “On the diving board, 95-year-old veteran gives young boy a lesson in courage,” CBSNews.com (8-17-18)

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