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Woman Reunited with Mixtape after 20 Years Lost at Sea

Like many of her generation in the early nineties, Stella Wedell once made a mixtape to take with her on vacation to Spain. And like many 12-year-olds, Stella lost track of the cassette during her various adventures in the beaches of Mallorca and Costa Brava. Thus, Wedell was shocked and amazed to find it --more than two decades later--in a Stockholm art exhibit.

The tape had been recovered by UK-based artist Mandy Barker after it was found washed up on Fuertaventura, a different Spanish beach island. Barker let it dry in a windowsill for more than a year, then eventually took it to an audio restoration specialist, who reported listening to several of the songs.

Barker’s exhibition, “Sea of Artefacts,” is part of her broader work exploring plastic pollutants in oceans and seas, of which the mixtape was one notable example. Barker said, “The songs at the start were damaged. But further in the songs were as clear as they would be today. It shows how long plastic can exist in the sea.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

God's Word never fades or expires, no matter how long it's been. Some may not have opened God’s Word for years, but we can always turn to God's Word for what we need.


Staff, “Lost mixtape washes up on beach 25 years later - and it still works,” Sky News (2-14-20)

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