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Police Chief Strips in Protest After Being Relieved of Duty

Richard Lee had been the lone police officer in the small town of Croydon, New Hampshire for 20 years. So, when the local board decided to outsource their law enforcement needs to the state police, Lee walked out, disgusted.

But disgust was likely shared by many of his fellow residents and onlookers, because after surrendering the keys to his cruiser, his badge, and his firearm, he also took off his uniform. All of it. Lee said, “I gave them my uniform shirt. I gave them my ballistic vest. ... I sat down in the chair, took off my boots, took off my pants, put those in the chair, and put my boots back on, and walked out the door.”

Lee later explained that he didn’t want to face the prospect of arrest for unauthorized use of police gear. After leaving the board meeting, Lee walked for almost a mile before his wife came with the car to pick him up.

Possible Preaching Angle:

In the Bible, servants of God often used their clothing (or lack thereof) to express displeasure, heartache, or mourning; such bold prophetic displays are meant to convey God's heart for justice and righteousness and the deep shame of falling short of God's standards.


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