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Car Dealership Opens Parking Lot for Homeless Sleeping in Cars

James Charles decided that he wanted to help alleviate the problem of people without homes. Lacking access to any kind of large-scale shelter, Charles did the next best thing and used what he owned--a car dealership. In a Facebook post for his Kiplin Auto Group, Charles announced that he was offering up a safe space in his lot for people who need to sleep in their cars, promising an environment “free from disturbance, trespassing, harassment or worse.”

Charles said, “We know that some families are struggling and in a tough situation. Whole families sleeping in the car. You would say … (how about) the shelters? They are full guys. ... We can’t put everyone in a hotel, but we can get you a safe place for the night.”

Since the initial announcement and the media coverage it generated, Charles has received donations from others wanting to help. He started a GoFundMe campaign for the families staying on his lot, pledging to add $200 for every car sale.

Possible Preaching Angle:

To be the hands and feet of Jesus, we must see Him in others, particularly those in need, whom we are in a position to help.


Cathy Free, “This car dealership now allows homeless to park and stay overnight” The Washington Post (3-2-20)

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