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Secular World Puzzled About Authenticity

Scientific American magazine reports a lot of confusion and disagreement as to exactly what is genuine authenticity. We are taught to be ourselves and to get in touch with our "real self." In recent years a science of authenticity has arisen in order to discover what the authentic self truly is. As Scientific American reports it “Turns out, authenticity is a real mess.”

The writer asks the perplexing questions:

- Are you being most authentic when you are being consistent with your emotions?

- Or are you being most authentic when you are consistent with your beliefs?

- Which is the real authenticity? Was it the time you really gave that waiter a piece of your mind? Or that time you didn't tell the waiter how you really felt about their dismal performance because you value kindness?

The famous psychotherapist Carl Rogers observed that many people are asking “Who am I, really?” The latest research finds that … many people report authenticity when they … express compassion toward others or are living for something bigger than themselves.

Possible Preaching Angle: As Christians we recognize our truest authenticity as we follow God and become more conformed to Christ. It is when we follow our beliefs and not our emotions that we are most genuine.

Source: Scott Barry Kaufman, “Authenticity Under Fire,” Scientific American (6-14-19)

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