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Police Called on Clever Juvenile Entrepreneur

Solving a common entrepreneurial challenge, eleven-year-old Seth Parker found an easy way to generate interest in his fledgling enterprise, and all he had to do was include a little fine print.

Passersby saw Parker standing next to a soda stand with a sign that read “ICE COLD BEER” in large letters. Eventually one of them called police, who came to check on the boy. Upon further inspection, they saw he had inserted, in small print, the word “root.” Parker was not selling alcohol, but IBC-brand root beer.

The responding officers were so impressed with Parker’s chutzpah and salesmanship, they posed for a picture with the boy, and posted it to the department Facebook page, which received over ten thousand likes and shares.

Potential Preaching Angle: Though we shouldn't build our ministries on a foundation of deception, misdirection and humor can help create opportunities that might not otherwise exist. Jesus commended his believers in being innovative in recognizing the urgency of kingdom business.

Source: Rachel Paula Abrahamson, “Police are called on an 11-year-old selling 'ice cold beer'” Today.com (7-18-19)

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